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MIX is an analog two-channel mixer

MIX is a utility box. A 100% analog pedal that splits your signal into two channels, allowing you to add effects and pan between two distinct sounds. Simply put, it’s the slider on a DJ’s turntable — with many more features designed specifically for the guitarist and musician.


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Improve your rig by going to a stereo setup. Create an effects loop and blend it into your dry signal, shaping your tone. Play the pedal rhythmically to create truly unique sounds. Pan and move your guitar sound live, as if it were studio created.

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MIX allows you to combine or blend wet and dry effected tones. Allowing you to truly customize and musically transition between sounds.

MIX is intended for use with a stereo rig—two amplifiers, with one receiving the left channel and one receiving the right channel. A single amplifier can be used by combining the channels with a Y cable. If your amp or final mixer has two channels, you could simply go into each and combine through the device.  

This pedal requires clean 9V power. Do not chain it with other pedals using a non-isolated power supply. Noise will occur.


  • 100% Analog circuitry
  • True bypass
  • Buffered effects loop
  • All-metal construction
  • Included spring lets the pedal jump back to position when released
  • Stereo outputs (which can be combined)
  • High-quality components
  • Hand soldered boards and connections
  • Size: 10L x 3W x 3H inches


  • "Fade" switch allows delay and reverb trails to pass through even after pedal is decompressed 
  • Customize by setting the starting volume points for both the dry path and the effects loop
  • Volume control for the effects loop lets you control the output to match and blend with your dry channel
  • Add more effects after the Left and Right outputs to further shape and change your sound 

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